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  • Being A Residential Landlord Has Become More Challenging

    December 2020

    The law around residential tenancies has seen some significant changes in recent times, first in July 2019 with the Healthy Homes Standards and then in August 2020 with an overhaul of the residential tenancies legislation. There are now more obligations on Landlords ...

  • Purchasing A Unit Title Property Or Apartment

    September 2020

    Anyone who has had any experience with an Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate will have noticed the different ways that property can be owned in New Zealand. The most common ways of owning property include freehold, cross lease ...

  • Land Covenants

    September 2020

    What to be aware of  Land covenants are registered on the Title to a property by way of an instrument. They create rights and impose obligations on the owner of the property, and in many cases on the owners of the surrounding ...

  • There’s An Easement On My Title!

    September 2020

    When buying a property, one of the things you need to know is whether there are any easements that may affect the title to the property. So, what is an easement?An easement is a legal right created by an instrument registered ...

  • Buying Your First Home

    September 2020

     Buying Your First Home The purchase of your first home can be an exciting chapter in your life. We understand that it can also be a stressful process given the amount of new information and to-do lists. Engaging our specialist property lawyers ...

  • Changes To The Agreement For Sale And Purchase Of Real Estate

    March 2020

    A revised edition of the ADLS Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate is now being used by lawyers and real estate agents. This new edition (the 10th edition) contains some significant changes which both vendors and purchasers need to be ...

  • Selling Your Property

    December 2019

    The need for disclosure when listing with an Agent By Angus Campbell. Angus is a Solicitor at our Papakura office specialising in Property Law. When looking at a real estate advertisement, it is obvious that you are being shown what the sellers want you ...

  • Cross-Leases. What are they and what implications do they have?

    September 2018

    Historically, cross-leases were a popular form of dividing land for land owners. This is because owners could avoid certain subdivision restrictions and would gain similar results to a formal subdivision under the existing Act, but at a fraction of the price. ...

  • Back To Basics – What To Look Out For In Your Back-Up Agreement

    September 2018

    What is a Back-up Agreement?When a property is being sold and there is a fully signed Agreement for Sale and Purchase already in place that remains conditional, a back-up Agreement can be entered into with a different purchaser. The back-up Agreement ...


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