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  • A Significant Risk In Being A Director

    March 2021

    A recent Court of Appeal decision highlights a significant risk of being a Director of a Company.The Case LC was the sole Director of the Company, that was a residential property developer.  LC had decided after taking accounting advice, to wind down the ...

  • What's New

    March 2021

    Employers’ expensive lessonOwners of a Café at Taumaranui employed two workers. An investigation by the Labour Inspectorate showed the owners did not keep accurate wage, time, holiday and leave records for the workers and did not pay them at least the minimum wage ...

  • It Was An Unconditional Gift With No Undue Influence

    March 2021

    The Supreme Court would not grant leave for a further appeal by H from a Court of Appeal decision. In the case, N owned a home from her previous marriage. H had assured N that he would not make a claim against the home. N accepted that assurance but the assurance was ...

  • Incriminating Evidence On Cell Phones

    March 2021

    Cell phones are very useful – for telephone calls, text messaging and photographing. However, the information contained on the cell phone can be incriminating.An abandoned cell phoneIn a recent Court of Appeal case, the police were pursuing a young male driver ...

  • Contracting Out Agreement vs Separation Agreement

    March 2021

    The most significant difference between a contracting out agreement (“COA”) and a separation agreement (“RPA”) is that one is entered into during the relationship and the other at the end of a relationship. The definition and status of a relationship as a ...

  • Cindy Smith Appointed As An Associate Of Our Firm

    March 2021

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of Cindy Smith as an Associate of our firm effective from 1 February 2021. Cindy is a member of our Family Law Litigation team at our Papakura office.After moving to New Zealand from England, Cindy attended ...

  • Testamentary Capacity

    March 2021

    When lawyers receive instructions to draft a Will for a client the lawyer must satisfy himself or herself that the client has the mental capacity (testamentary capacity) to understand the nature and effect of the instructions being given. If the lawyer ...

  • 75th Anniversary

    March 2021

    On the 16th January it was our 75th Anniversary. To celebrate such longevity, we will be publishing “Beautiful Memories Through The Years – A Pictorial History of Inder Lynch” written and collated by Marj Phillips (a long term employee who joined us in ...

  • Trustees’ Duties and Liabilities Under The Trusts Act 2019

    December 2020

    This is the third article on the new Trusts Act 2019 with the first article having appeared in the Winter edition and the second article having appeared in the Spring edition of this newsletter. The imposition of duties on trustees is essential ...


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