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  • Drug And Alcohol Testing In The Workplace

    June 2021

    Drugs and alcohol can make an employee less effective, struggle to concentrate, careless, unable to make rational decisions, amongst other behaviour changes, but most importantly of all a hazard to themselves and other employees. Employers have an obligation to take reasonable ...

  • Restraints Of Trade In The Employment Context

    June 2021

    A restraint of trade is a provision generally found in employment contracts, that prohibits an employee from working directly or indirectly with a competitor business for a specified time and within a limited geographical area, after their employment ends.  Employers are increasingly ...

  • Careless Driving

    June 2021

    As we move into winter, the change in seasons brings a change in weather with dark, damp and occasionally icy conditions which all make driving generally more difficult. Add in traffic jams on the way back from work you may find ...

  • Rural Leases

    June 2021

    A rural lease (“lease”) is a legally binding document which governs the relationship between the landlord and the tenant for the use of rural land. Often rural leases are entered into as a gentleman’s agreement with a handshake to seal the ...

  • Relationship Property

    June 2021

    In our Autumn Newsletter article on relationship property agreements, matters of relationship property under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (“the Act”), and the difference between a contracting out agreement (“COA”), commonly referred to as a “pre-nuptial agreement”, and a separation agreement ...

  • Being A Notary Public

    June 2021

    A notary public (sometimes called a “notary” or a “public notary”) in New Zealand is a lawyer authorised by the Archbishop of Canterbury in England to officially witness signatures on legal documents, collect sworn statements, administer oaths and certify the authenticity of legal documents ...

  • Building Act Exemptions Extended

    June 2021

    Six new exemptions to the Building Act 2004 (“the Act”) have been added recently, along with the expansion of four existing exemptions. Homeowners, builders and DIYers will now have an easier time making basic home improvements as the Act has removed ...

  • A Significant Risk In Being A Director

    March 2021

    A recent Court of Appeal decision highlights a significant risk of being a Director of a Company.The Case LC was the sole Director of the Company, that was a residential property developer.  LC had decided after taking accounting advice, to wind down the ...

  • What's New

    March 2021

    Employers’ expensive lessonOwners of a Café at Taumaranui employed two workers. An investigation by the Labour Inspectorate showed the owners did not keep accurate wage, time, holiday and leave records for the workers and did not pay them at least the minimum wage ...

  • It Was An Unconditional Gift With No Undue Influence

    March 2021

    The Supreme Court would not grant leave for a further appeal by H from a Court of Appeal decision. In the case, N owned a home from her previous marriage. H had assured N that he would not make a claim against the home. N accepted that assurance but the assurance was ...


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