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  • Restraints Of Trade In Franchise Agreements

    October 2021

    Franchising is attractive to franchisors as a method of business expansion, so it is important they can retain and exercise control over the use of their brand, their system, and the way in which their products and services are to be ...

  • Representations And Warranties In Sale & Purchase Agreements

    October 2021

    By way of introduction, representations provide an indication on the current status or condition of the business, company or property that you are looking to purchase. On the other hand, warranties set out the state that the business, company or property will be in in ...

  • Family Arrangements – The Need For A Written Agreement

    October 2021

    Informal family arrangements can often seem sensible at the time they are entered into. However, subsequent events can result in unfortunate consequences. What will normally avoid these difficulties is for there to be a formal written agreement as to the intended ...

  • THE BRIGHT LINE TEST Extended to 10 years!

    October 2021

    Investment property is a trending topic of conversation in New Zealand and, evidently, we are experiencing phenomenal number of investment transactions in this year.Savvy investors need to be aware of the new ten-year bright-line test (“the test”) for residential land as it requires ...

  • BUILDING? What should you look for?

    October 2021

    Building a house can be a stressful, expensive and intimidating prospect for both new and experienced clients. As such, ensuring you are aware of not only your rights and obligations, but also those of the builder or building company, is crucial.Prior ...

  • Further Celebrating With Marj

    October 2021

    In 2016, we celebrated Marj Phillips’ 80th birthday. In the Autumn 2016 edition of our Law Report, we headed an article about the milestone, calling it “Celebrating with Marj”.On 30 June 2021, Marj retired from our Firm after having joined us in February ...

  • The Deposit Challenge

    October 2021

    Helping younger family members to buy a property The challenge for younger family members, who may be wanting to join the property ladder, is how do they fund the required deposit for their chosen property? The loan-to-value ratio (LVR) requirements, from the Reserve ...

  • Drug And Alcohol Testing In The Workplace

    June 2021

    Drugs and alcohol can make an employee less effective, struggle to concentrate, careless, unable to make rational decisions, amongst other behaviour changes, but most importantly of all a hazard to themselves and other employees. Employers have an obligation to take reasonable ...

  • Restraints Of Trade In The Employment Context

    June 2021

    A restraint of trade is a provision generally found in employment contracts, that prohibits an employee from working directly or indirectly with a competitor business for a specified time and within a limited geographical area, after their employment ends.  Employers are increasingly ...


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