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  • A Testamentary Promises Claim

    June 2019

    Providing companionship, family life, support and affection well beyond the bonds of that of a dutiful daughter In our article (“Obligations when making a Will”) in the Autumn 2019 edition of our newsletter we discussed briefly the Law Reform (Testamentary Promises) Act ...

  • Restraining Orders

    June 2019

    Avoiding ongoing harassment Under the Harassment Act 1997, the District Court is empowered to make restraining orders to protect victims of harassment who are not otherwise covered by domestic violence legislation. These orders prohibit certain specified acts that fall into the general category of “stalker-type” behaviour and which might not necessarily be criminal acts in themselves.  If ...

  • Not So Extraordinary After All?

    June 2019

    Departing from Relationship Property “equal sharing rules”Relationship property can be a contentious area of the law dealing with some of the most valuable assets we acquire over our lifetime. Think homes, your life-savings and retirement funds such as KiwiSaver. Our best ...

  • Thank You

    June 2019

    Implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering LegislationThank you for your co-operation and understanding with our required implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering legislation. The past 12 months have been challenging for both us and you (as clients) having to comply with the law. The legislation ...

  • Julian Airey Appointed Aa a Notary Public

    June 2019

    Our Pukekohe partner, Julian Airey has been appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the New Zealand Society of Notaries as a Notary Public. Julian joins our Manukau partner, Paul Maskell (who was appointed in 1994) and our Manukau Consultant, Kantilal ...

  • Growing Our Practise

    June 2019

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of three of our existing lawyers as Associates of our firm. This is an acknowledgement of the skills and expertise they each provide to the firm and our clients. We see their being appointed ...

  • Wills & Kiwisaver

    March 2019

    Thinking about death and the distribution of assets isn’t typically something we begin to think about until we reach a significant milestone like purchase of a house, starting a family, or reaching a certain age. Current estimates have shown that about ...

  • The Attorney's Duties

    March 2019

    We have all read, or heard about, abuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney (“EPOA”) where the Attorney, often a family member, has deliberately fleeced the Donor (the person who gave the EPOA) of vast sums of money to the near financial ...

  • Obligations when making a Will

    March 2019

    When providing instructions to us for the making of a Will there are two aspects that we need clients to carefully consider: The provisions of the Family Protection Act; and  The provisions of the Law Reform (Testamentary Promises) Act.  In a recent appeal to ...

  • Falling Tree = A Duty of Care

    March 2019

    During high winds in January 2014, a tall century-old poplar tree located on land belonging to the Queenstown Lakes District Council snapped at its base and fell onto a motel owned by Plaza Investments Limited.  Extensive damage was caused to Plaza’s ...


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