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    December 2019

    There are continuing and increasing reports of theft of money and credit card information as a result of most of us using computers to receive emails, pay accounts and transfer monies. The risks can be particular dire for small businesses. What all ...

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace update

    December 2019

    A recent decision of the High Court has provided a timely reminder to employers about the importance of compliance with their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA).  The case concerned the prosecution of a food manufacturing company ...

  • Lease vs Tenancy

    December 2019

    Understanding the differences  By Sean Lennon. Sean is a lawyer at our Papakura office specialising in Business Law.    We regularly see clients confused as to lease agreements and tenancy agreements as being the same document. They are similar as both involve a tenant and ...

  • Relationship Property

    December 2019

    Option election within 6 months – relationship property – death of one partner – distribution of estate assetsWhen a person dies, who has been recently in a relationship, the other party (“claimant”) may accept what is in the deceased’s Will or ...

  • Selling Your Property

    December 2019

    The need for disclosure when listing with an Agent By Angus Campbell. Angus is a Solicitor at our Papakura office specialising in Property Law. When looking at a real estate advertisement, it is obvious that you are being shown what the sellers want you ...

  • A Will in contemplation of marriage

    December 2019

    “A Will in contemplation of marriage”Generally, a valid Will is revoked (cancelled) if the will-maker marries or enters into a civil union. A Will expressed to be in contemplation of a particular marriage or civil union is not revoked by the ...

  • Determining The Length of a De Facto Relationship

    December 2019

    “Living together as a couple” for three or more years – receipt of a solo parent benefit By Clare Tuck. Clare is a lawyer at our Papakura office specialising in Relationship Property Law.In the recent High Court decision of Selak v Smith, it ...


    December 2019

    Complying with the Healthy Homes StandardsBy Kate Brady. Kate is an Associate of our firm specialising in Property Law.If you own rental properties, you will likely have heard that you are now subject to more stringent requirements as a landlord. We therefore ...


    December 2019

    2019 has been a challenging year. There was a noticeable reduction in house transactions during much of that time. Consumer confidence seemed to be down. Nevertheless, our focus has been on continuing to provide a wide range of legal services at ...

  • “What Does This Mean?”

    September 2019

    Unconditional - When both parties have signed a contract, and there are no conditions attached to the contract or when the condition in the contract have been satisfied. This means that the contract is now unconditional and both parties are now legally ...


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