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  • Buying or Selling a Business

    December 2016

    We often receive executed Agreements for Sale and Purchase of a Business that parties have hurriedly entered into without taking legal advice and without fully understanding the implications of those binding contractual obligations. Thus it seemed prudent for us to discuss with you some “do’s” and “don’ts” in relation to the business sale and purchase process.

  • Shared Driveways Re-visited

    December 2016

    A shared driveway is something that can, completely unexpectedly, throw ostensibly polite neighbours into the throes of war. One such battle recently spilled from a Remuera driveway into the arena of the Auckland High Court. In that case, it emerged that ...

  • More Fishhooks in the 90 Day Trial Period

    December 2016

    The requirement for precision in Employment AgreementsIn 2009 the Employment Relations Act 2000 was amended to allow a trial period of 90 days or less. This allowed an employer to dismiss an employee within the 90 day period and prevented the ...

  • Commercial Leases

    September 2016

    What you need to know about repairs, maintenance and reinstatement.The July 2016 Supreme Court decision in Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited v Development Auckland Limited is a timely reminder for all landlords and tenants to consider their respective rights and obligations ...

  • The Risks of Having NO Will

    September 2016

    Who has the entitlement to administer a deceased’s estate and the entitlement to the assets? A recent High Court decision highlighted the problems when a person in a de facto relationship dies without a Will. Background N (the deceased) gave instructions for ...

  • Adding Value

    September 2016

    We are often asked by clients “What is it you do for us when buying and selling property” or “can you explain the process”. Our preference is to become involved in your transaction from the moment you first think about buying or selling or both ...

  • Family Property Arrangements - Part 3

    September 2016

    Siblings and Other Relatives Purchasing Property Together In our Autumn 2016 and Winter 2016 editions, we discussed some of the issues that arise in circumstances where parents lend money to their adult children to assist them with the purchase of a ...

  • First Home Purchasers

    September 2016

    What we do for you With house prices rising, it becomes exceedingly difficult for first time home buyers to purchase their first home. More often than not the need arise for parents to guarantee their children’s lending to assist them in ...

  • P/Meth Testing

    September 2016

    Should you consider having a property tested for P contamination prior to purchase?The use of Methamphetamine or “P” is a well-known issue in New Zealand. In 2001, New Zealand and Australia combined had one of the highest levels of usage in ...

  • Property Taxation – Land transfer tax forms

    September 2016

    On 1st October 2015, a new law was introduced where all parties to transaction that includes a transfer of land or an interest in land have to complete a Land Transfer Tax Statement as part of the registration process. The only ...


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