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  • Beware Of Repossession

    September 2015

    The risks when purchasing second-hand motor vehiclesWe often have enquiries regarding the purchase of second-hand motor vehicles and the possibility (and sometimes the reality) that the motor vehicle has been reported by a previous owner as having been stolen sometime previously.The ...

  • Executors and Trustees of Wills

    September 2015

    Their roles and responsibilities.All of us should have a Will. Having a Will ensures that our wishes regarding our property and how that property is treated after our death is clearly set out for our loved ones. A key part of ...

  • Should I have Enduring Powers of Attorney?

    September 2015

    Irrespective of age or marital status it is highly recommended you have Enduring Powers of Attorney. For many, the last thing that you would want, in the event of your having a serious accident or health issue where you lost legal ...

  • Buyers need to check for Unconsented Additions

    September 2015

    One of the steps any property buyer should take is to check to see if the buildings and additions on the property were properly permitted or consented by the local council. And while it may not dissuade you from buying a ...

  • Kiwisaver

    September 2015

    The Things You Ought To KnowKiwisaver has two features to help you buy your first home: The Kiwisaver Home Start Grant The Kiwisaver First Home Withdrawal. Kiwisaver Home Start GrantThis was introduced on 1 April 2015 replacing the Kiwisaver First Home Deposit Subsidy. Like ...

  • Unfair Contract Terms

    March 2015

    In our Winter 2014 Business Law Update we summarised the main changes to the consumer protection laws that are likely to affect businesses with effect from 17 March 2015. Of the various aspects of the new regime, one area that is ...

  • Is it okay to swear at your boss?

    March 2015

    The need for Employers to follow “proper process” in all respects.Mr G was employed as a forklift driver for a period of three years up to his dismissal for serious misconduct. Mr G was dismissed for “using threatening language” towards his ...

  • Neighbours at War

    March 2015

    Disputes between neighbours can arise over a variety of issues and, ideally, you and your neighbour will be able to resolve any problem by discussing it together. However, if necessary, the law may be able to help resolve the matter. Unfortunately, ...

  • A De-facto relationship - Is it or isn't it?

    March 2014

    Being in a de facto relationship will impact on whether (and to what extent) the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (“the Act”) applies to you. With that in mind, any couple that is not married or in a civil union, should be ...


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