Resource Management

There are six primary categories for activities under the Resource Management Act 1991: permitted, controlled, restricted discretionary, discretionary, non-complying and prohibited. These categories determine matters such as whether a Resource Consent is required, what factors will be considered and whether a Resource Consent must, may or may not be granted.

We can help with obtaining the following Resource Consents, depending on the kind of activity proposed:

  • Land use consent
  • Subdivision consent
  • Coastal permit
  • Water permit
  • Discharge permit

We can also assist with:

  • Dealing with Abatement Notices and Enforcement Orders;
  • Filing submissions on Resource Consent applications;
  • Offences under the Resource Management Act 1991;
  • Negotiating a favourable outcome for your Resource Consent application;
  • Attending mediations;
  • Lodging a Resource Consent appeal in the Environment Court;
  • Third Party participation in Environment Court appeals (section 274 appeals).

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