Mediation is a process whereby parties (often with their lawyers) attend at a mediation, with a trained mediator present, for the purposes of trying to reach agreement without the need for litigation. Mediations can be held either before litigation is contemplated or, while litigation is underway.

Mediation has an advantage over both litigation and Arbitration in that it is the parties (rather than the Judge or Arbitrator) who make the decision. If there is a mutually acceptable solution, then that solution can be recorded as a binding agreement, or Court orders, and bring an end to the dispute.

Mediation requires the parties to willingly engage in the process. Where they do, the success rate is very high.

Mediation has an additional advantage in that it is often much less expensive than litigation or Arbitration.

Paul Maskell and Sarah Bush (both Partners of this Firm) are fully qualified and practising Mediators.

We are able to provide the following services:

  • Act as Mediator
  • We can attend as your lawyer at a mediation (attending at the mediation with you) to help ensure the best result
  • We can advise you (or your lawyer) prior to the mediation to ensure that you fully understand the process to achieve the best possible result at the mediation.


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