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Content of our Free Brochures

Building Contracts Brochure

Learn the the purpose of the Construction Contracts Act 2002 and what does it have to do with a building contract. Also find out the remedies for failure to pay the Builder and can the work be suspended and more.

Business Issues Brochure

In this brochure we answer the questions: What is an Agreement for Sale and Purchase of a Business? What is a lease? What is “Due Diligence”? What Business Ownership options are there? What is a Franchise Agreement?And the all important DO NOTS!

Debt Collection Brochure

Important facts about Debt Collection! Read how to minimise bad debts, what debt collection methods are available, what is a statutory demand and what happens once Proceedings have been commenced in the District Court. Download our free brochure to learn more.

Enduring Powers of Attorney Brochure

Learn 13 important facts about Enduring Power of Attorneys. What is a Power of Attorney? What obligations are there on my Attorney? Can my family challenge decisions of my Attorney? Do I need Enduring Powers of Attorney and more.

Family Law Brochure

In this free brochure we cover four main areas: (A) Parenting, (B) Adoption, (C) Child, Youth & Family, and (D) Domestic Violence.

Family Trusts Brochure

Why have a Family Trust? What Can a Trust Do? Can a Trust be Changed? How Does a Trust Get Assets? And more important issues are covered in this brochure.

Immigration Law Brochure

In this brochure we discuss: What is the Immigration Act? What is a temporary entry class visa? What is a residence visa? What are the categories for residence visas? Who is liable for deportation? Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, and should I have legal advice and representation?

Relationship Property Brochure

What is the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 and who does it apply to? What is a de facto relationship and what is relationship property?These are other important issues are covered in this brochure.

Resource Management Brochure

Important facts about the Resource Management Act 1991 and the Building Act 2004. Things such as when you need to apply for a Resource Consent and what happens if I do not obtain it.

Wills & Estate Administration Brochure

This this brochure we answer: What is a Will? What is an Executor? What is a Beneficiary? What is a Testamentary Guardian and are there risks in my writing my own Will? Download this free brochure to learn this and more important information.

Buying and Selling Property Brochure

In this 20 page brochure we cover:

What is an agreement for sale and purchase?
What are chattels/items?
What is a condition?

Do I list with an agent or do I sell privately?
What are Vendors Warranties/Promises?
Why get a deposit?
What is a Cash-out or better offer clause?
What do I need to know about keys?
When do I have to move out?
What happens on settlement day?

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Are there different ways of recording ownership?
What is the difference between joint ownership and a tenancy in common?
Do I need a written agreement regarding the ownership of the property?
What do I need to know about finance?
What is a LIM?
What is a Building Inspection Report?
What do I need to know about Auctions?
What do I need to know about buying a residential section?
What do I do prior to settlement day?
What happens on settlement day?