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Phil Saunders – A Well Deserved Retirement

March 2020

By Paul Maskell (Managing Partner of Inder Lynch)


Our Consultant Phil Saunders has retired from our firm and from practice of the law after over 45 years with Inder Lynch. 

Phil graduated from the University of Auckland in 1971.  After having worked as a Law Clerk and then as a Solicitor with several well-known central Auckland law firms, Phil went to Portland, Victoria, Australia as a Solicitor dealing with a range of litigation matters. After a period of time there, Phil returned to Auckland and joined Inder Lynch on 1974, based at our Papakura Office. 

Phil impressed the then partners (Norm Inder, Bryan Lynch and David Conway) and was admitted as a partner of what was then called Inder Lynch Conway & Co in 1975.  The work-flow that the firm faced in the mid-1970s resulted in Phil moving from the litigation area to the general practice area meeting with clients who subsequently remained with him over the decades to follow. 

It was Phil who offered me employment as a young lawyer with the firm in 1979.  I quickly learnt that all of the staff approached Phil if there were any issues or concerns.  His calm and helpful manner and his open-door approach was ideal in providing a caring and supportive work environment.  He was definitely the “go to” person for mentoring. I became a partner of the firm in 1983.  It was significant that it was Phil who assisted me to settle into this new and challenging role.  Phil always actively encouraged policies to grow the firm and provide the highest standards of client care.  He undoubtedly put the client first and ensured that we all did so. 

Phil continued as a partner until 2014.  From then on, Phil became a consultant to the firm to provide continuity for his client base. 

After having worked with Phil for over 40 years and having been his and his family’s friend for that time it seems strange that he is no longer at the office.  I am aware that a number of his clients were sad to learn of his impending retirement.  After having such a long period of commitment to the law and to this firm, Phil deserves to rest – it is a well-deserved retirement. 

All members of our firm wish Phil the best on this new stage of his life.  We feel confident that he will keep in regular contact – at the very least to make us envious of the free time he now has.