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Julian Airey Appointed Aa a Notary Public

June 2019

Our Pukekohe partner, Julian Airey has been appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the New Zealand Society of Notaries as a Notary Public. Julian joins our Manukau partner, Paul Maskell (who was appointed in 1994) and our Manukau Consultant, Kantilal Balu (who was appointed in 2009) to provide notarial services for all of Auckland South. 


Julian’s appointment followed a lengthy application process. He was required to seek endorsement by a significant number of professionals and members of business community in the Franklin District to confirm the need for a Notary Public there. Julian particularly appreciated the support given by clients of this firm in obtaining these endorsements. 


The roles of a Notary are to witness affidavits and declarations and to certify copies of original documents, when required for other countries. Lawyers and Justices of the Peace are not authorised to sign such documentation for overseas jurisdictions. The increase in activities by individuals with other countries has noticeably increased the demand for our notarial services in recent years.


With his being based at Pukekohe, Julian’s appointment will particularly be of benefit to those residing or working in the Franklin District.