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  • Incriminating Evidence On Cell Phones

    March 2021

    Cell phones are very useful – for telephone calls, text messaging and photographing. However, the information contained on the cell phone can be incriminating.An abandoned cell phoneIn a recent Court of Appeal case, the police were pursuing a young male driver ...

  • Harmful Digital Communications Cyber-Bullying And Harassment

    December 2020

    The Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 (HDCA) has been in force for several years, but in our experience most people remain largely unaware of its purpose and provisions. The HDCA criminalises the worst forms of digital bullying and harassment and also provides ...

  • Police And The “Implied Licence” To Enter Private Property

    June 2020

    Police And The “Implied Licence” To Enter Private Property Under the Land Transport Act, police officers have the power to enter private property, by force if necessary, for the purposes of carrying out breath testing procedures in certain specific circumstances where they are in ...

  • Avoiding Disqualifications

    June 2016

    Where a limited or “work” licence may not be sufficient.In the Autumn edition of our Law Report, we looked at how people who have been disqualified from driving can, in certain circumstances, apply to the District Court for issue of a ...

  • What is a Limited Licence?

    March 2016

    If you have been disqualified from driving a motor vehicle by a Court order or had your driver’s licence suspended because of excess demerit points, you may be able to apply for a limited licence. The Court can authorise the issue ...


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