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  • Sole Trader Vs Limited Liability Company - Consideration Of Liability Issues

    March 2020

    When setting up and operating a business careful thought needs to be given to the ownership structure and potential liability. The two most common ownership structures are “sole traders” and “limited liability companies”.Sole TraderA sole trader is a common ownership structure ...

  • Lease vs Tenancy

    December 2019

    Understanding the differences  By Sean Lennon. Sean is a lawyer at our Papakura office specialising in Business Law.    We regularly see clients confused as to lease agreements and tenancy agreements as being the same document. They are similar as both involve a tenant and ...

  • Landlord Ordered To Renew Lease

    December 2018

    Commercial landlords and tenants should be conscious of the Court’s wide powers under the Property Law Act 2007 in ordering a renewal of a lease in circumstances where the Court thinks fit to create justice.BackgroundThe recent High Court case of Wendco ...

  • Purchaser Due Diligence. Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware!

    September 2018

    A recent High Court case reiterates how vital it is to be thorough in a due diligence investigation and in making the right enquiries prior to committing yourself to any purchase.BackgroundThe Purchaser had entered into an Agreement for the purchase of ...

  • Buying Goods Subject to Security

    March 2018

    The “ordinary course of business” exemption.When buying or leasing valuable goods it is important to check that they are not subject to a security interest. Otherwise, the secured party is able to use its security interest to call in the goods ...

  • Ratchet Clauses in Commercial Leases

    March 2018

    In commercial lease agreements, rent review clauses provide for how annual rent payable is determined.In addition to providing what the review is based on (i.e. either the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or market rent), many commercial leases provide that the rent ...

  • Changes Ahead

    March 2018

    Anti-money laundering & countering financing of terrorism.As anyone who has attempted to open a bank account or invested funds through an investment manager in recent years will attest, such activities are no longer the relatively straightforward exercise that they used to ...

  • New Retentions Regime

    September 2017

    Better Protection for Sub-contractorsThe collapse of Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited (“Mainzeal”) was one of the more significant construction insolvencies in New Zealand. When Mainzeal collapsed, significant retention monies were due or potentially due to various subcontractors. However, Mainzeal did not ...

  • Buying or Selling a Business

    December 2016

    We often receive executed Agreements for Sale and Purchase of a Business that parties have hurriedly entered into without taking legal advice and without fully understanding the implications of those binding contractual obligations. Thus it seemed prudent for us to discuss with you some “do’s” and “don’ts” in relation to the business sale and purchase process.

  • Commercial Leases

    September 2016

    What you need to know about repairs, maintenance and reinstatement.The July 2016 Supreme Court decision in Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited v Development Auckland Limited is a timely reminder for all landlords and tenants to consider their respective rights and obligations ...


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