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75th Anniversary

March 2021

On the 16th January it was our 75th Anniversary. To celebrate such longevity, we will be publishing “Beautiful Memories Through The Years – A Pictorial History of Inder Lynch” written and collated by Marj Phillips (a long term employee who joined us in 1952).

From our beginnings with Cliff Amies founding the firm on 16 January 1946, then with Norman Inder (who joined us in 1948) and Brian Lynch (who joined us in 1953) through to our current partners Paul Maskell (who joined us in 1979), Chris Lynch (who joined us in 1986), Greg Stringer (who joined us in 1990) and Julian Airey (who joined us in 2004) the focus has always been on providing the highest quality legal services at a reasonable price.

This pictorial history covers many of our important events including the changing of offices and the opening of offices in new locations. It also highlights many of the important people (both former partners and valued employees) over the years who have made our firm so successful. It also covers some of the significant community events the firm has participated in. On pages 2 – 5 of this edition of our newsletter we have inserted an excerpt from the forthcoming publication.

We value our history as a guide to continuing to provide the type of legal services our clients seek and need. The challenge for us will be to adapt to the world as it changes over the next 75 years.