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Since the firm was founded at Papakura in 1946, we have continued to value our place in the South Auckland community. We have long been participants in many community organisations and are proud to be the honorary solicitors for a number of sporting and community groups.


As part of our ongoing commitment to the local community, in 2006, to celebrate our 60th anniversary, we instituted the Inder Lynch Achievement Awards for students attending the five secondary schools in the Manurewa/Papakura area. This was later expanded to include Pukekohe High School upon the opening of our Pukekohe office.

Award Structure

Inder Lynch contributes the sum of $12,000 each year to be equally distributed between Papakura High School, Rosehill College, Manurewa High School, James Cook High School, Alfriston College and Pukekohe High School. At each school, one male and one female senior student receives an award of $1000 to acknowledge their hard work and to assist in their future studies. Each recipient receives an Inder Lynch Achievement Award Certificate.

Award Criteria

The principal at each school selects the successful candidates for their particular school, based on criteria which includes performance and participation at school, consideration of the student's family circumstances and a focus on assisting pupils who may not receive any other award or scholarship.

Our Hope

Our awards may not fully solve the financial pressures for students wishing to continue their studies, but our hope is that they will assist twelve South Auckland students each year to continue to excel. In this small way, we feel proud to be able to assist our community.


Through the Inder Lynch Achievement Awards we are proud to be able to help our communities and assist twelve South Auckland students each year to continue to excel.

Alfriston College

Chandandeep Kaur

Moses Ilyas

James Cook High School

Alazae Maiava Tuiono

Howard Riwhi

Manurewa High School

Han Nguyen

Cody Waaka

Papakura High School

Payaal Kumar

Rapi Matamua

Pukekohe High School

Michaela Ritchie

John Lidgett

Rosehill College

Mei Qi Kong

Lucas Walters